Autumn champions

The autumn is here and it has brought some really chilly weather to Finland. Daily temperatures slightly above +10 and nights close to 0 degrees. The last couple of weeks have been busy, mostly with studies, so I've been on my bike just a couple of times this month. Fortunately there is a lot going on in the cycling world at the moment. 

The world championship in cycling began today in Australia, and on Sunday we will know who the new world champion will be (elite men). There are a few riders who could take the win on Sunday, for instance, Pozzato and Gilbert. It will be hard for Cadel Evans to keep the title.











 We've been also looking for some kinetic trainers for the winter period. In just a few weeks the new trainers should arrive to our local shop. We ordered these Kinetic Kurt road machines. They've got some good reviews and they have a lifetime guarantee. Ofcourse cycling on a trainer is not the same as cycling outside, but better than doing nothing. 



Our group of 3 riders have now grown to 4. I'm really looking forward to the next summer and hopefully we are able to do some more groupriding. I've been also looking for a new bike, but that is something i will look at more closely before next season, during early spring.

There will be some videos and pictures coming up later on from along the season 2010.


Over and out