The season grand finale?

Tomorrow, Tour de Helsinki 2012 is upon us. Yet another year of cycling coming to its end here in Finland. There are probably a month left of the outdoor cyling season, before the snow takes over. Sitting here looking out the window would probably indicate less than that. Rain and +12 degrees is not the condition you want to go out cycling. Adding a back ache doesn't make it much better. But nevertheless, I'll be on the starting line tomorrow at 11am finnish time. 

The weather for Helsinki tomorrow looks a bit better though. Between +15/+18 degrees with possible showers and quite windy conditions. Could be worse.

The start is at 11am and our pace should place us at the finish line at around 15:15.

We will jump into a group that will hold on to a pace of 32km/h. I hope I can just ride with that group 'till the finish.

Fueling together with VueltaThe bike is prepared, I hope the fueling is ok, and hopefully the back will last those 4+ hours on the bike tomorrow. I'll probably have to end my cycling season after this race, and get my back in shape so I can start building for the next season. My wish for tomorrow is to finish, nothing more, nothing less.

Preparing the bike. Probably even more important heading for a soaky rideI'll use the Endomondo Live tracker tomorrow, and a link to that live tracking will be posted tomorrow at around 11am via my Twitter and Facebook. If you don't have the possibility to follow either one, the link should be visible on my Endomondo page here.


I'll get back to you with the race report next week.

Have a good one!