Fincycling officially launched

The project launched by Kilpapyöräily ry, to lift the Finnish competitive cycling to a level where it deserves to be at, was finally publicly presented yesterday. is the site where you will in the future be able to find all about the Fincycling Team and the progress. Of course I will be closely following this team and the project as well. To have such a professional and experienced squad including big names in cycling, both nationally and internationally known names (Carlström, Veikkanen, Wegelius, Laukka, Kananen and the list goes on and on) makes this project really stand out.

Minutes before the press conference

Fincycling is a great example of what passion and will can create. The people involved have invested a lot of their spare time and money to this project, for many it is about giving back to cycling what cycling has given them. It is with great warmth and joy I watch this project progress day by day closer to the season start.

All smiles!

It was also great to see that media had found interest in the project, our national public broadcasting channel YLE also presented Fincycling in the evening sports-news in both Finnish and Swedish. Link to Finnish here and in Swedish here

Kjell Carlström's jersey was handed over to the Sports Museum of Finland 

Marko Vauhkonen telling us about the project in detail

Good stories shared

We also connected with Kjell Carlström, live on stage 6 of Tirreno-Adriatico with 120km to go.

In a couple of months the Fincycling team has taken great leaps forward, and knowing the pace and the passion for the ones working on this project, we are surely going to see some great news in the upcoming months as well. 

Fincycling fact sheet:

  • Builds on the work of Kilpapyöräily ry founded 19.10.2013
  • Includes 27 enthusiasts, 4 Tour de France participants, 11 Nordic Championships medals, more than 600 national cycling medals (and the list goes on)
  • Provide young cyclist with a complete assistance package including for instance; personal coaching and training, tutoring, providing assistance in building relationships with media, fans and sponsors, mental training and much more
  • Begins with boys 16-18 years old, but will grow to support both genders and also other cycling sports such as track and mountain biking
  • First year will consist of 10-12 international races with some 40-60 international racing days
  • The door will be open for all potential boys in this age, there will be a rotation in squads going to the different international races
  • Budget this year 160 000 €

The Fincycling team car

So stay tuned, the season begins in April, I will keep you updated!

Pedalare pedalare!