Fincycling to cooperate with the Cycling Union of Finland

The Fincycling project continues to grow as we saw an agreement between the Cycling Union of Finland (Suomen Pyöräilyunioni ry) and Fincycling take shape January 6th 2015. The great efforts done by the whole Fincycling team has paid off, and for the coming years 2015 - 2017, Fincycling will be taking care of the U19 boys training and racing schedule. The promise is that in the upcoming years, the boys will be provided with a similar program as provided by Fincycling in 2014. This if something is a proof of a job well done and shows the level of trust for this project. 

The first season for Fincycling was really impressive. From scratch a tight group of passionate former and current professionals started a project that would enable a path for young cyclist all the way to the top of elite cycling. This is only possible having a really motivated and determined group of people involved. Names such as Marko Vauhkonen, Juho Suikkari, Charly Wegelius, Kjell Carlström, Jussi Veikkanen are just a few to mention. And they all mean serious business. You can find a great reflection of the project written by Charly Wegelius on the Fincycling website

Fincycling has been, from the very beginning, a project where things are not just planned but executed. The stats from the first year are really impressive, you can read an earlier post about the first year of action here. Just to recap the numbers:

  • 23 cyclist rode in the Fincycling team
  • 29 000 km of traveling
  • 11 countries
  • 61 days of travel
  • 15 360 km of racing
  • 13 races including 30 days of racing in total

But if something, Fincycling is looking forward. There's a lot of work to be done and aiming high is always going to be the key driver for the whole team. There's always a lot going on, stay tuned for more great news!

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