cervelo s5

Up and Cycling!

Spring, the long waited season has been showing signs already for a month in southern Finland, but ever once in a while, after periods of sun and somewhat warmish days there has been signs of winter as well. But at least now it looks like the temperatures will stay above +0 degrees throughout the night and day. We actually managed to take a ride as early as 11th of March, almost a month earlier than last year, but as mentioned we had several setbacks after that. So nothing more than a couple of soaky chilly rides so far, but hopefully the following weeks will provide us with the weather that would support us getting some miles in our legs. At least so far, riding outside, has taken more on my legs than on my lungs, so the legs really need those miles. I will post some more pictures from those rides next week.

Today we had one of the first finnish spring-classics in Turku, TS-kortteliajot. This race is ridden along the river Aura, crossing it and making it an about 1,2km circular route that is ridden 50 times around. 

Our national road cycling champion, Kjell Carlström couldn't participate due to flu, but he was following the race and we had change to meet him and discuss the race and also about his future career. I really hope to still one day see him in the professional peloton. 

Kjell Carlström discussing the race outcomeThe weather was pretty good, sunshine with some western winds, which meant a headwind on the finish line. The riders began pretty easy, some smaller attacks that were caught up pretty fast. The first serious attack was made by Kimmo Kananen but as the peloton realized a threat they slowly caught up this two man breakaway just a couple of laps later. The real breakaway was launched at halfway the race, a strong 8 man group including among other a couple of TWD länken riders and one Velocitor rider who rode pretty strong as well. This breakaway was strong enough to almost catch the peloton, and for the first time in history the peloton had to be taken out of the race before the end. With some 10 laps to go, the breakaway split up and four riders was now battling for the win. During the last lap it soon became only three riders, and a moment later Samuel Pökälä came first in the sprint for the win, winning the race.

The 8 man breakawayThe group worked well togetherKimmo Kananen tried his legs out on the greatest bike in the peloton, the Bianchi OltreThe peloton tried to catch the breakaway, with Turun Urheiluliitto in the frontTurun Urheiluliitto tried to work together but they were not strong enough this timeThe rest of the peloton followingSome riders were not that lucky, here a puncture halfway the raceTWD länken working hard in the front of the breakaway (Aku Silvénius and Samuel Pökälä)And Jesse Virtanen making the most to catch up the breakaway together with Mika SimolaPeloton (notice the Bianchi Oltre)Samuel Pökälä celebratingPodium celebrationsThe new Cervelo S5 that is said to be the fastest road bike out there. Didn't win today though, but looks like a fast one.

Hope you all survived it 'til here, I'll be back with more stories and photos from our own rides later next week. I hope you all have taken out your bikes already, no matter carbon or steel.