silja lehtinen


August, probably the single most important month for me preparing for the main event in September, has become a month that will test my patience as a cyclist. Like last year this month, I have found myself at the medical center being told not to ride my bike. 

It all began more than a week ago. Put my cycling clothes on and went out and not more than 3km into the ride I heard something cracking in the rear parts of my bike. It seemed as the freewheel was worn out. I took the bike to the local bike shop to fix that and at the same time make a full maintenance on the bike. Just a couple of days ago I got the bike back, and just before heading out the cracking sound this time came from my neck. For a second I felt paralyzed and I realized I can't turn my head. So it was time to call the medical center and hours later I had again orders from the doctor not to ride my bike.

To keep me goingFirst it all felt really wrong and I was going crazy about facing this at the time I should be doing the final preparation for my main goal. But having crawled in frustration I accepted the facts, and probably something good comes out of this too, maybe I'm not able to reach my goals this year but for sure I'm motivated building up for next year.

July came with loads of rain but also periods of dry windy weather reached us. If training the weaknesses is important, I certainly have trained riding in windy conditions that probably is the hardest thing for me as a small rider. 

A sunny sunday I stopped for a coffee in AttuOne of the five warm days in JulyUnfortunately the weather remained pretty chilly and wet for the most of the timeAs the neck already feels better I'm pretty positive about getting back on the bike really soon. Probably more motivated than ever to turn those pedals. 

As the Olympic games are soon coming to an end, I can't pass those games without mentioning our Finnish girls who really made some spectacular sailing results! Great job Tuuli Petäjä for taking the silver and an awesome job by Silja Lehtinen, Silja Kanerva and Mikaela Wulff sailing for the bronze!

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Go girls!