The silent cyclist

August 17th was the date for my last post. That means more than two months. Nothing has happened during that time? Actually there has been plenty of stuff happening, time has been the issue. Workload in my daily job increased somewhat drastically during late August and therefore I haven't been updating lately. Even if the site has been quiet for a while I've been thinking about how to develop the site, and come up with some ideas. Hopefully it will be more frequent and more easy reading in the future. At the same time the Facebook page will me more lively as well with neat stuff posted, even for those who are less hardcore cycling-enthusiasts. 

The latter part of the summer was pretty interesting cycling-wise. Myllyn pyöräily was the first race I actually held the virtual race lead at a point. Tour de Helsinki, the main goal set up was a DNS for me, but I've spent one great week in Italy cycling and did climb up Monte Amiata that really made it up not being able to start in Helsinki.

I will write about each of the steps from the latter part of the summer, but that will be another post, it would be too much to have all written down now. So stay tuned and read the reviews and cycling stories coming up. 


Evening ride in Italy

Evening ride in Italy

 Keep on cycling!