Wrapping up the spring

Next week will welcome the first of the summer months so it's time to look back at the spring. In just over a month from the first outdoor cycling, the first 1000km are achieved. This means the goal of 7000km this year can still be achieved. Today ended also the first of the grand tours, Giro d'italia. One can ask if there's anyone who can challenge Alberto Contador these days. The next one, Tour de France, will gather all the best and we'll see if Andy Schleck is able to challenge Alberto.

Some pictures and video from the latter part of spring:

Turku, european capital of culutre 2011 - Cycling event

Harvaluoto 10.5.2011

Harvaluoto 10.5.2011

Harvaluoto 10.5.2011

8 bar pressure, check


I also had some time to fly above TurkuTeam ride 21.5.2011

Team ride 21.5.2011

Both finns finished the Giro d'Italia this year, which is a hard achievement. They were not well positioned in the general classification, but people tend to forget the amount of work they do for the teams that we cannot see. (Teamsky.com)

Alberto Contador, winner of Giro d'Italia 2011


Over and out!