Closing up the gap

The goal set up in the beginning of the year (7000km) has now been reduced with some 2000km. So there is still 5000km to ride, and hopefully most of those kilometres can be done during the warm period. After some knee-problems I'm hopeful of getting on some longer rides soon, and also being able to ride one 300km ride this month. The route would look somewhat like this:


More about this ride later on..

July means the beginning of the Tour de France, and we've already seen two great stages! Today's team time trial was won by Team Garmin-Cervelo, which means the Norwegian world champion, Thor Hushovd took the yellow jersey! 

Team Leopard-Trek warming upThor Hushovd ( the TTT

We also got a new road cycling national champion today, Kjell Carlström! He rode in a breakaway and was able to break free from that group in the latter part of the race, and won by over one minute! Congrats Kellu!

Kjell Carlström, Finnish national road race champ 2011


The weather in June has been timewise pretty good, even if I haven't been able to make those longer rides due to some long days at work and some earlier mentioned knee-problems. But these rides have shown that even though Finland is not Italy, we can still have some spectacular views here too.


Klaus in aero-position

Riding in the archipelago usually means taking a ferry

Cleaning the bikesClean-ClaraFirst longer ride resulted some 155kmCycling can sometimes be ugly and dirty...

+30 degrees



Enjoy the summer!