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I've read in the Finnish newspapers that we have had the coldest summer in 25 years, and to be honest it has affected the training. To be able to complete my goal, and to even have a small chance of reaching the main event in september being fit, I need to start biting the dust. Next week will be focused solely on training and taking care of myself (read: visiting the sports masseur). Despite the chilly and rainy weather I've managed to make a couple of good rides. This week we put in some hill-interval training. That's probably one of the hardest workouts on a long time! Lungs and legs burning and heart pounding like hell. I guess that's when you feel you're alive! 

A couple of days ago we completed a hill-interval training. Pain, was the word

This is how my day started, and it will continue with planning the workouts for next week and with the Tour de France Time trial, that will be the last stage before heading to Champs-Élysées tomorrow!


Have a nice weekend!