Live Cycling Streams Finland

Live Cycling Streams Finland

Many of us, including myself, have found our way to cycling watching Tour de France on TV. It has been possible to watch cycling live on Eurosport and national TV channels in some European countries for many many years. Today the services are widespread and it's possible to watch almost any cycling race, anywhere with a mobile device. There has been some exceptions though, including the Finnish cycling races. Fortunately the passion for cycling has brought a change to that. 

Your 2014 Strava Story

Your 2014 Strava Story

Strava came up with a great feature a week ago. Strava will gather all your activities from the year 2014 and convert them into a short half minute video with all your greatest achievements, KOMs, total kilometers, elevation gain and so on. They will also embed some Instagram pictures in the video if you have uploaded some from your rides.

Christmas 2014 gift guide for cyclists

Christmas 2014 gift guide for cyclists

Just like last year, I want to advice you with stuff your cycling friends would probably like to see wrapped up in Xmas paper this year. Remember to check the delivery dates before ordering!

A fresh start

A fresh start

After many years it was time to change the layout of the website. New mobile devices, new way of interacting with websites made the old layout impossible or hard to use. After hearing your comments about the site I have made some changes in the look and feel of the site. I hope it is something that is easier to use and easier to read than before, on all of your devices.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

Note: This is a long post, but has loads of pictures so should be easy reading.

One of the best mornings of the week is Sunday. It's the morning when you have time to read the morning newspapers, drink you favorite coffee and have a proper breakfast. But it definitely does not look like Christmas. It's raining outside and the fact that Christmas Eve is on Tuesday feels kind of distant. But that's the way it is this year. Yesterday was another rainy ride outside, just 60 kilometers, but believe me it felt as 90. Yesterday was also the darkest day of the year, when the day here in Turku was 5 hours and 44 minutes long, with the sun setting just after 3 PM.

Grey countryside

Grey countryside

Greyscale continues

Greyscale continues

At a distance, the bike looks clean

At a distance, the bike looks clean

The office

The office

It was also the last ride for me before the Rapha Festive 500 challenge, where I need to be doing more than 80 kilometers (50 miles) a day, since I will be away on Christmas Eve. Will be some really hard days in the saddle, at least looking at the forecast now with rain, heavy winds and some degrees above zero. 



Rear view

Rear view

How about a smile?

How about a smile?

The darkest day of the year

The darkest day of the year

These were the last ride pictures before Christmas, and next ones will be from the Rapha Festive 500. Because it's not at all like Christmas, I had to make it feel like Christmas, so I bought myself a Christmas tree. I think I found a pretty nice one, and no, I didn't steal it. And no, I do not have a star on top of it.

Web IMG_2779.jpg
Web IMG_2781.jpg

I also bought some new coffee beans, Arabica blends. It is roasted by one of my favorite roastery, Kaffa Roastery. The Go'Kväll (Good evenin') and Tauko (Break) both have a great aroma and surely have a great taste as well. The Tauko (Break), will be travelling with me on my Rapha Festive 500 challenge as well. Figured out the name fits perfect and coffee is a must have for a cold ride.

Kaffa GoKväll and Tauko

Kaffa GoKväll and Tauko

So before I take a short break, I want to wish you all a really great Christmas. Remember to eat loads of good food and enjoy just relaxing with your family, friends and close ones.


Web IMG_2835.jpg



Bikes outsell cars in Europe

One would think it's obvious that generally cheaper bikes would certainly outsell the more expensive cars. But this is not true. According to npr.org it was the first time since world war II that more bikes were sold compared to cars (Italy). Actually more bikes were sold in every European country except for Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Picture from  http://www.npr.org

Picture from http://www.npr.org

Picture from  http://www.npr.org

Picture from http://www.npr.org


These numbers can probably be explained by the fact that car sales have dropped a lot this year, down to a 20 year low to be precise. Still I think we can make that ratio even better. How? Just go through this scheme from adventure-journal.co:


Do you need a bike?

Enjoying the Evening

Today I took at trip to see my family, was a long time since last time. But likewise nice to be back home as well. I've been planning my winter-training and now I'm just chilling and reading the web. Some great reading from Rapha once again, Part One: The Choice by Rigo Zimmerman. Read the whole story here.


There were a million things I could think of in fact that I would rather do than ride out into the barbarity of a winter's day. There always was, there always is. - Rigo Zimmerman


Chilling out

Chilling out


Chill out!

Recon Jet - Wearable Computer

So we live in Techy times, and cycling is really not being left outside of the technological advances. Just last week the new Recon Jet technical cycling sunglasses, or wearable computer as the Recon Instruments folks call it, were launched.  So what is the Recon Jet and what is the price? What is the technology they rely on?

Recon Jet looks somewhat like a mixture of a pair of Oakley sunglasses and a pair of Google glasses. At the moment they're priced at $499. And the total weight is around 60 grams, so really not much. So here's how they look:

Recon Jet, the most advanced wearable computer

Recon Jet, the most advanced wearable computer

The Recon Jet works together with any ANT+ device, such as your Garmin device. Which again can be displayed on the lens. Sounds like straight from any Batman or James Bond.

How does it work? Check out the video on Vimeo:

George Hincapie is also involved, at least marketing-wise as he has been testing the product before launch. It seems to have convinced him

Want to win a pair of Recon Jet glasses? Read how to win here


The Technical Specifications: 


9-Axis sensors
• 3D accelerometer
• 3D gyroscope
• 3D magnetometer

Pressure sensor
• Altimeter & barometer application

Ambient temperature sensor
Optical touch sensor for UI control
Works in all weather conditions, and with gloves on


1 GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9

On-board memory


• 8GB flash


Wide screen 16:9 WQVGA display

Virtual image appears as 30" HD display at 7'

Power-saving sleep mode

High contrast and brightness for readability in high ambient lighting


Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n)

Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart)

• Apple MFi Bluetooth support


• MEMS GPS/INS Kalman filtering fusion algorithm


• Support for connectivity of up to 8 ANT+ peripherals

Micro USB

• Device charging/power

• Data transfer


• HD camera

• Integrated speaker and microphone


Read more about the Recon Jet and Recon Instruments: 








Fresh start for the weekend

A new video by Garmin due to their launch of the new Edge series. They really nailed it, again!

And the video "Winter training - The Climb" from last year.

Read more about the new Garmin Edge 510 and 810 on road.cc


Global Cycling Network

As a cycling fan I'm always excited about new things from the world of cycling. And something new is what we are about to get. If you didn't hear about Global Cycling Network, you really want to check it out. As stated on their website the Global Cycling Network is about:


Read more on www.globalcyclingnetwork.com

Read more on www.globalcyclingnetwork.com

Also check the neat video from Global Cycling Network (be sure to watch it in HD):

Otherwise the flu is hanging in tight, and seems like there's no end to it. I'm still positive about getting on the trainer any day now.

Getting home from work

Ready for Christmas?

Going green

For one who loves food, Christmas can be a heaven. It's often not easy to resist something you're offered just once a year. So because I know I will be eating a lot of fatty (yummy) food during a couple of days, I've been adding more green stuff on my plate than usually. And I might stick to that even after Christmas.

Your body will thank you for adding that green stuff on the plate

I also found this neat video on velonews, from Haute Route 2012. It's a 7 day 7 stage cyclosportive across the Alps/Pyrenees, and is one of the things I want to do before my days on the bike are over. It is said to be the toughest cyclosportive in the world.

Enjoy your Saturday evening!

Christmas Gift Guide for Cyclists

Christmas is approaching, but you still have some time to buy presents. Soft or hard, a cyclist will be pleased with both kinds. Here's a list of stuff I figured out a cyclist would want to have for Christmas:

Portland Design Works Bar-ista™ Cup holder

Worth $20 this is a neat thing for one who takes the bike to work (www.ridepdw.com)

Worth $20 this is a neat thing for one who takes the bike to work (www.ridepdw.com)

Stages Power meter brings a totally new power-meter experience to any cyclist. Prices starting at $699

Stages new power meter solution (www.stagescycling.com)

Stages new power meter solution (www.stagescycling.com)

K-Edge GO BIG mounts. If you have a GoPro cam, you definitely need one of these mounts!

K-Edge GoPro helmet cam mounts, are a must have for any GoPro owner! (www.acecosportgroup.com)

K-Edge GoPro helmet cam mounts, are a must have for any GoPro owner! (www.acecosportgroup.com)

If you live in Finland, you want to check out Pelago Bicycles in Helsinki for any ideas!

You'll find the Pelago Shop in downtown Helsinki

You'll find the Pelago Shop in downtown Helsinki

If you live in Stockholm, Sweden I'm sure you'll find a lot of nice stuff at the awesome Bianchi Café

Bianchi Café & Bicycles sell bikes and accessories, but they also have great coffee and food! (bianchicafecycles.com)

Bianchi Café & Bicycles sell bikes and accessories, but they also have great coffee and food! (bianchicafecycles.com)

Rapha offers a great range of quality clothing. A waterproof bag is important for anyone who takes the bike to work

R obust and compact shoulder pack made from a Cordura® fabric and finished with leather details (http://www.rapha.cc)

Robust and compact shoulder pack made from a Cordura® fabric and finished with leather details (http://www.rapha.cc)

If money is not an issue for you, then you might want to consider buying the Coffee Machine Ferrari for any cyclist!

Rocket Espresso Machine http://www.rapha.cc/rocket-espresso-for-rapha)

Rocket Espresso Machine http://www.rapha.cc/rocket-espresso-for-rapha)

Cyclepassion calendar for 2013, do I need to say more?

American endurance racer Sonya Looney (Daniel Geiger) (http://www.cyclepassion.com)

American endurance racer Sonya Looney (Daniel Geiger) (http://www.cyclepassion.com)

If your trendy city dweller friend is worth a $419 bag, then you should consider this one from ONA

Made with a light wax finish that develops a rich patina over time, the Brixton is a true beaut that’ll only get better with age (www.onabags.com)

Made with a light wax finish that develops a rich patina over time, the Brixton is a true beaut that’ll only get better with age (www.onabags.com)

I hope you found something useful for your cyclist friend, or for yourself?

Enjoy shopping!

Winter Wonderland

As the snow has invaded Finland (we now have some 20 cm of it) it is time to let out some air from the tires and prepare for a flight over the handlebars. 

My Haro Mary SS

A colorful fixie in the snow

The first snowstorm a week ago

A proper Espresso Doppio keeps you warm and focused

Despite the off season in cycling, winter is the season for spectator sports. Since I'm a huge fan of ice hockey and  during the last few years also a fan of Biathlon, winter means spending time in front of the TV. I also enjoy watching cross country skiing, that during the last couple of years has adopted some characteristics from the world of road cycling. Today I will spend in total 5 hours in front of the TV, watching speed skating, biathlon, floorball and ice hockey. I woke up early today to go to the gym and took a short ride in the snow, so no, I don't feel guilty of spending so much time inside.

Biathlon, coffee, gingerbread and ice hockey

Pekka Koskela won both distances today in speed skating, Kaisa Mäkäräinen took a third place in Biathlon, Finland is currently playing against Switzerland  in floorball world champs and later on HIFK will play away against Ilves in Tampere.  The thermometer is on -8 °C, so I'm more than happy to stay inside. 

Enjoy folks!

A day in an amateur cyclist's life

Some of you might wonder how serious I am about cycling. As stated in the About me section, this is nothing serious. The more you ride, the more serious it gets, even though I wouldn't classify my cycling as particularly serious, in comparison with many other amateur cyclists. I do train yes, I talk about season and off season, yes, If you ask some of my friends they'd probably think I spend too much time with the bike, yes. Cycling is kind of a lifestyle and immediately when you want to progress in an endurance sport, it takes time. So even if I'm not too serious about it (because I have a budget), I like to make the most out of it. So how does a day in an not-too-serious cyclist's life look like?

A proper breakfast, something you often wouldn't have time to have. But critical, especially if you have a day in the saddle

A cyclist is nothing without coffee

This is when you know it's off season

So instead of going out for a ride you head for the local gym

Did I mention coffee already? Italian coffee

After workout (not pint) shake

Never forget about food. A snack every now and then keeps you going. And yes I do eat  a lot of pasta (especially during summer), but I didn't want to make pasta just to show you a picture of pasta.

So this is how today looked like. Of course I switch between gym and indoor cycling from day to day, but today was a gym day. To finance a pretty expensive hobby, one of course needs to go to work as well. Not to mention I still have some stuff undone before I graduate (cycling isn't helping studies either). But no one's (me), interested in work or study related stuff, so no excel sheets or academic papers here.

And to show the difference between an amateur like me and a professional, take a look at the video below, and you'll understand...


Site updates with daily cycling news

As mentioned earlier there will be some updates on the site, and the first of them will be the News section. You'll find the News section just below the site banner.

The news section is built from 20 cycling sources, including daily cyclingnews sites as well as some interesting cycling blogs. You can read the news straight from this site, or by clicking the header of the newspaper, you can read it on Paper.li that is the actual service provider.

You can now read the most important cycling news along with interesting media and blog updates on the go

I hope you'll find this a helpful thing, to keep you up to date with the latest cycling news and interesting cycling stories. As this is a daily newsfeed, the news will be updated every day at 8am (GMT +00:00). You can also subscribe to the daily newsfeed by clicking here.

I've read in the Finnish newspapers that we have had the coldest summer in 25 years, and to be honest it has affected the training. To be able to complete my goal, and to even have a small chance of reaching the main event in september being fit, I need to start biting the dust. Next week will be focused solely on training and taking care of myself (read: visiting the sports masseur). Despite the chilly and rainy weather I've managed to make a couple of good rides. This week we put in some hill-interval training. That's probably one of the hardest workouts on a long time! Lungs and legs burning and heart pounding like hell. I guess that's when you feel you're alive! 

A couple of days ago we completed a hill-interval training. Pain, was the word

This is how my day started, and it will continue with planning the workouts for next week and with the Tour de France Time trial, that will be the last stage before heading to Champs-Élysées tomorrow!


Have a nice weekend!

Leaving June, inviting summer?

A month has passed again, and it seems the weather hasn't changed a lot since last update. Rain and chilly weather has been the dominant condition and that can be seen in my ridden kilometres as well. But that will change soon, hopefully. A month is a long time, so I won't bore you with long stories, instead I'll try to recap the month in pictures. Hope you find them interesting!

This is how the summer has unfortunately looked a lot like this year

Many years I've wanted to ride the saariston rengastie, and this summer I finally did it. The total route was 180km, but I made a stop for a couple of days to our summerplace south of Nauvo.I took the route counter clockwise and the first ferry was after 80km in KustaviUnfortunately the weather was rainy and chilly (+12 C ), and I was wearing summerclothing so I ended up freezing quite a lot during the stops. Fortunately I had a jacket and a gilet to wear.Before leaving, I made a small note for myself to know the distances between the ferries and their schedules144km since leaving from Turku, I reached my destination. Felt pretty good after all rain and freezing!And there waited the thing that kept me going, Sauna!Fortunately the next couple of days were pretty good!Heading homeAnd fortunately the sun was also visiting Finland!On the ferry between Nauvo and the mainlandClear skiesI also had the opportunity to try out the new ultegra Di2 groupset. It was really a neat thing to be able to change gears smoothly during climbs and putting effort on the pedals. Also it adjusts pretty accurate even if you have the chain crossed.

Electronical shifting is the future, pretty sure about itThe groupset was attached to a Trek Madone 5.9One of the 4-5 sunny riding days this month. Makes you smile!Midsummerweather was perfect, here a steamship taking people out to the archipelago from TurkuCycling home the next morning, 5 amHope you enjoyed the pictures, I'll be back with more stuff next week, and some updates coming up on the site as well.


Have a good one!


Food 'n wood

The Restaurant Day is a one-day "carnival" when people around the world can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day. This event took place last Saturday, and we decided to include one of these places to our cycling route.

Click to open the official siteThe place we went to served pancakes, both sweet and salty and home made rhubarb-juice. The weather was awesome and loads of people had found their way to the same place, a beautiful farm just outside of Turku.

The place was called Kuralan kylämäki (click picture to open the finnish website)The MenuThe girls were really busyOn the farm they also had some kind of experience stuff, you could try shooting with bows and crossbows.

The guys training......before they headed for war. Had a good laugh, for me it looked like a scene from Lord of The Rings with bowmen heading for Mordor!

Strawberry jam, meringue and whipped cream!Last week i got my hands on one of these:

Click to open official websiteMyKnoaky is a small piece of Oak-wood that is designed by a Professional cyclist, Andreas Klier. MyKnoaky is a part of the plant-for-the-planet project. Read more about the neat idea on the official website:http://myknoaky.com/

You can find this piece of wood on many bikes in the pro-pelotonThe story behind MyKnoakyI planted a tree!

I'm also glad to see the summer has arrived to Finland. Yesterday was the first really warm day, +28 degrees and no wind, a perfect day for riding a bike!

A calm seaTaking the ferry to AttuA refreshing dive into the seaSummery landscapesTeam Garmin was also out for a rideWho really needs winter?!Attu bridgeKlaus enjoying his new chocolate-cappucino energy gelI'll be back with more details for the Giro d'Espoo this week!


Meanwhile, enjoy the summer!


Finland, being cold and dark is not always the best place for cycling. Instead we have to organize other activities, such as ice hockey. Last Saturday, 4th of February the reigning champions (HIFK) in the finnish top hockey league, SM-Liiga organized a great outdoor event, Talviklassikko (finnish equivalent for the NHL Winter Classic). Despite cold weather (-17 degrees celcius), the Helsinki Olympic Stadium gathered around 30 000 fans to watch this game between the two hockey teams from Helsinki. 

The weather was mostly good

We even got some snowBut the crowd didn't care

Simultaneously, there was a cycling event in Helsinki, the Winter Tweed Run -Helsinki. It was, as the Talviklassikko organized for the second time in Helsinki. This event gathers people with classic vintage bikes and Tweed clothes. This awesome event was joined by a great photographer, Krista Keltanen, who shared some really neat pictures from the ride! Check out her blog here!

Picture from kristakeltanenblog.comPicture from kristakeltanenblog.comPicture from kristakeltanenblog.com

Great to see these kind of events taking place even in Finland!

Here's a video from the same event in Stockholm in 2011

Tweed Run Stockholm 2011 from Kristoffer Hilmersson on Vimeo.