Leaving June, inviting summer?

A month has passed again, and it seems the weather hasn't changed a lot since last update. Rain and chilly weather has been the dominant condition and that can be seen in my ridden kilometres as well. But that will change soon, hopefully. A month is a long time, so I won't bore you with long stories, instead I'll try to recap the month in pictures. Hope you find them interesting!

This is how the summer has unfortunately looked a lot like this year

Many years I've wanted to ride the saariston rengastie, and this summer I finally did it. The total route was 180km, but I made a stop for a couple of days to our summerplace south of Nauvo.I took the route counter clockwise and the first ferry was after 80km in KustaviUnfortunately the weather was rainy and chilly (+12 C ), and I was wearing summerclothing so I ended up freezing quite a lot during the stops. Fortunately I had a jacket and a gilet to wear.Before leaving, I made a small note for myself to know the distances between the ferries and their schedules144km since leaving from Turku, I reached my destination. Felt pretty good after all rain and freezing!And there waited the thing that kept me going, Sauna!Fortunately the next couple of days were pretty good!Heading homeAnd fortunately the sun was also visiting Finland!On the ferry between Nauvo and the mainlandClear skiesI also had the opportunity to try out the new ultegra Di2 groupset. It was really a neat thing to be able to change gears smoothly during climbs and putting effort on the pedals. Also it adjusts pretty accurate even if you have the chain crossed.

Electronical shifting is the future, pretty sure about itThe groupset was attached to a Trek Madone 5.9One of the 4-5 sunny riding days this month. Makes you smile!Midsummerweather was perfect, here a steamship taking people out to the archipelago from TurkuCycling home the next morning, 5 amHope you enjoyed the pictures, I'll be back with more stuff next week, and some updates coming up on the site as well.


Have a good one!