Fresh start for the weekend

A new video by Garmin due to their launch of the new Edge series. They really nailed it, again!

And the video "Winter training - The Climb" from last year.

Read more about the new Garmin Edge 510 and 810 on


Bike Fitting

Something i have been thinking about doing this spring, before the season begins is bike fitting. posted a video about bike fitting on a Trek Madone. It's about setting up the bike properly for your body, and to do this in Finland costs you around 150€ (PROBIKE)



The SICI fitting process begins with an extensive interview and then progresses to measurements, a physical assessment and dynamic, on-bike positioning on a fully adjustable Serotta Size Cycle or your personal bike. The on-bike positioning begins with the feet and travels up the body to the hands. We apply principles of physiology and biomechanics to your unique blueprint to tailor a position just for you.


I also found an interesting article about Saddle Sores, and in the general advice section, there was a mentioning about talking about cycling...

Nobody else cares about your cycling as much as you. This includes your partner and work colleagues.


Remember, this is general advice. If symptoms persist consult your doctor.  Or if you still have any, talk to your non-cycling friends.


I'll try to remember this in the future (probably i won't).