Looking back at my cycling season 2018 so far

Looking back at my cycling season 2018 so far

It's actually great writing this seldom. Well I kind of feel bad about it, but also thinking about my last post in the beginning of February, summing up January feels like ages ago. Back then, even spring seemed far away, and now we've already put behind the midsummer celebrations.

Great days are made of cycling

Today I took the first pedal strokes in a couple of weeks. It felt almost like the first outdoor ride after the loooong winter indoor training season. Today was sunny, warm, a great day for cycling. Even though the ride was not longer than a couple of hours, I felt I was back doing the thing I really want to do. Great days are made of cycling and good espresso. Thank God and Italy for both!

It's all in this picture.. (picture taken from

Food 'n wood

The Restaurant Day is a one-day "carnival" when people around the world can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day. This event took place last Saturday, and we decided to include one of these places to our cycling route.

Click to open the official siteThe place we went to served pancakes, both sweet and salty and home made rhubarb-juice. The weather was awesome and loads of people had found their way to the same place, a beautiful farm just outside of Turku.

The place was called Kuralan kylämäki (click picture to open the finnish website)The MenuThe girls were really busyOn the farm they also had some kind of experience stuff, you could try shooting with bows and crossbows.

The guys training......before they headed for war. Had a good laugh, for me it looked like a scene from Lord of The Rings with bowmen heading for Mordor!

Strawberry jam, meringue and whipped cream!Last week i got my hands on one of these:

Click to open official websiteMyKnoaky is a small piece of Oak-wood that is designed by a Professional cyclist, Andreas Klier. MyKnoaky is a part of the plant-for-the-planet project. Read more about the neat idea on the official website:

You can find this piece of wood on many bikes in the pro-pelotonThe story behind MyKnoakyI planted a tree!

I'm also glad to see the summer has arrived to Finland. Yesterday was the first really warm day, +28 degrees and no wind, a perfect day for riding a bike!

A calm seaTaking the ferry to AttuA refreshing dive into the seaSummery landscapesTeam Garmin was also out for a rideWho really needs winter?!Attu bridgeKlaus enjoying his new chocolate-cappucino energy gelI'll be back with more details for the Giro d'Espoo this week!


Meanwhile, enjoy the summer!

Enjoying Summer in HD

If you ever wonder where to put your money, invest them in cycling. Nothing beats a delivery of several cardboard boxes filled with cycling stuff! This is what was delivered to me just a couple of days ago:


I was really pleased with that camelbak hydration pack (3l), really comfortable and will be a good thing to have on those longer rides. I also got the GoPro HD Hero helmet cam, and was really pleased with it (scroll down for video), even though the plastic mounts are not the best I've seen, actually one part broke down just after 2h...

Breakaway by LampreEnjoying the view while waiting for the ferry

Good excuse for a small brakeWho needs winter.. seriously?!Attu bridgeNothing beats this snack!

Last but not least, a 15 min video from the sunny ride to Attu, hope you like it (watch it in HD if possible).




Over and out!