Enjoying Summer in HD

If you ever wonder where to put your money, invest them in cycling. Nothing beats a delivery of several cardboard boxes filled with cycling stuff! This is what was delivered to me just a couple of days ago:


I was really pleased with that camelbak hydration pack (3l), really comfortable and will be a good thing to have on those longer rides. I also got the GoPro HD Hero helmet cam, and was really pleased with it (scroll down for video), even though the plastic mounts are not the best I've seen, actually one part broke down just after 2h...

Breakaway by LampreEnjoying the view while waiting for the ferry

Good excuse for a small brakeWho needs winter.. seriously?!Attu bridgeNothing beats this snack!

Last but not least, a 15 min video from the sunny ride to Attu, hope you like it (watch it in HD if possible).




Over and out!